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National Cat Day 2022- Date, History, Importance, Traditions, Celebrations & Facts

National Cat Day is observed each year in different cities of United States on the 29th October. On the other hands, Canadian National Cat Day is celebrated on 8 August each year. This event is organized by American Humane Association and promotes the betterment of cat health, as well as promotion of responsible pet ownership. It was created by the ASPCA, which is an international non-profit organization focusing on animal issues. Every year, this event brings thousands of people together to admire and care for cats.

Over the past century, National Cat Day had gained popularity all over the world. The day serves as a moment to declare support to the efforts of ASPCA, which works to promote feline friend’s safety and well being. This special day also reminds cat owners to show extra love and care to their feline friends and stresses the significance of neutering and spaying of your pets to prevent their over population and to ensure their future. Cats are wonderful companions; just like human beings, they could feel our emotions.

National Cat Day Date in USA 2021

During the early days, back when our ancestors first domesticated animals, they lived in families or packs. Nowadays, however, because of the increased development of cities, many households have been living alone and without any form of social network on 29th October.

  • Year > 2021
  • Date > 29th October
  • Weekday > Friday

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When is National Cat Day in Canada 2021?

Without any other creatures to keep cats company, cats often become solitary and look for companionship from other members of their litter. For these reasons, National Cat Day was created. It is a time to celebrate the love these wonderful creatures have for their humans and other domestic animals. For that Canadian celebrates the national pet day on August 8.

  • Year > 2021
  • Date > 8 August
  • Weekday > Sunday

History of National Cat Day

As the story of National Cat Day goes, it began with a story of a blind, yet sweet cat named Oscar. Oscar was left alone in a big city without any family or friends. He lived in a small, crated enclosure, so there were no other wild animals around to keep him company, nor did anyone offer any sympathy since he was a domesticated animal. One day, a young woman who was visiting from her home in the country came to visit Oscar and his owner and offered to adopt him, thus making National Cat Day.

To further cement the idea of National Cat Day, every year on the second weekend in June, shelters and organizations that help in the placement and adoption of stray, abandoned, or mistreated cats hold an event to help people who want to adopt a new companion for themselves or for a loved one. In most cases, the animals are neutered and given up to the loving caring hands of willing volunteers. Many of these lovely pets are the result of a bad experience, the person had with another pet or a person, who felt they had taken too much advantage of the animal.

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National Cat Day Celebrations

As cat is our pet animal, on the other hand they might be our family member. So it should be needed to take care to them and celebrate the National Pet Day with glorious moment. It is a very humbling experience for these wonderful pets to find loving homes where they can be loved and cared for, without having to fear or attack any creature they are placed with. Every year, thousands of these wonderful creatures find loving homes to be adopted as pets and show off their new personality and qualities to those who seek them out.

If you are looking for a great way to spend the day, look no further than National Cat Day, which can bring about a whole new attitude towards owning and caring for cats. Not only do people get to adopt lovely feline friends every year, but they also get to enjoy all of the activities that cats can offer.

From taking them to fun walks in the park to playing with them in fountains and gardens, these cats are a delight to every member of a family. Once you learn all about National Cat Day, you will probably want to take your own furry friend along to show off at the next furry event you attend. You’ll never be sorry you gave it a try!

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