Amazigh new year

Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year- 12 January, 2022

With most welcome to Berber New Year 2021 as English and Berber 2971. People of Algeria observe the day with a more cheerful find like a festival to promote the day worldwide. The day is another called Yennayer locally as well as the official name is Amazigh new year day. The day is a public holiday not only in Algeria but also in Morocco.

Berber new year realizes based on Julian Calender, But the Gregorian calendar shows to observe the day 12 day later from English New Year. The day is observed with more enjoy meeting with friends, Boyfriend, girlfriend, Clients, Boss, Family members and other favourite persons. It is time to meet & share with your lover also.

We personally mean that New Year is media to enjoy & set up the future. You know that COVID-19 ( COrona VIrus Disease-2019 ) have broken our lives since 31 December 2019. Though a satisfying result is knocking into our door to get Vaccines of Corona Virus. Therefore, we can enjoy more on 12 January as a new year of Berber.

The Amazigh New Year is an opportunity to exchange wishes for prosperity. A huge number of people are ready to observe the glorious event. The Government of Algeria and the others have decorated street, office, home and other conference sector to respect their own tradition. Dear, do you respect your tradition? Obviously, it’s possible for everyone. As a result, let’s start to enjoy the happy new year with Social Media Status, SMS, Images, Wallpaper and Greetings.

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History of Yennayer

You know that history could make the day good or bad. A good history is always respectable for everyone who sensitive to his own traditional history. Yennayer has also; a good history that needs to know for everyone not only for the exam but also for real life.

You can do any question, why the history of Yennayer is important to know? It should be important both for exam and practical. Some historians say that the Berber calendar dates from the day that King Chachnaq defeated the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses III in 950 BC and established a monarchy that ruled from Libya to Egypt.

The day was established based on agriculture. Respecting more agricultures well as heritage, people celebrate the day with couscous and chicken, dancing, playing traditional games, and horse parades.

The Amazigh language and culture have seen in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mali and Niger, Canary Islands Egyptian desert and in northern Burkina Faso already since 950 BC.

The Government of Algeria Abdelaziz Bouteflika proclaimed the 14 January is the Yennaayer in 1980. Though 13 January is a special day for Morocco, Libya and the Canary Islands’ people, the enjoying moment starts on 12 January.

The observance has been taking place for over 2,000 years with varieties co-curriculum activities.

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Activities for Amazigh New Year 2021

Though it is Pandemic, it also should observe respecting at least holiday or tradition. On 12 January, people keep busy themselves for enjoying taking more favourite food. For example, Tavola, made from corn kernels, argan oil, ghee, and honey cooked and mixed with butter.

We included some activities that may better be observing the day.

  • Prepare the most favourite items of food.
  • Go to a historical & nice place
  • Arrange a dance party
  • Meet together with friends
  • Attend an enjoyable conference

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Why Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year is important?

Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year is more important for North African’s people because they always respect their heritage. As it is a happy new year for the people who love Berber Calendar. The majority is shown among the Berber tribes. The day is more attractive for people who set up their dream on 12 January as a New Year Day.

The Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year is important for-

  • Observance
  • Cheerful event
  • Respecting tradition
  • Separate- Calendar
  • Opportunity for getting new year instead of English New Year.

Times Of Yennayer/ Amazigh New Year

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2018 Fri 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday
2019 Sat 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday
2020 Sun 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday
2021 Tue 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday
2022 Wed 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday
2023 Thu 12 Jan Berber New Year Public Holiday

Finally, We always respect a day that has more popularity throughout the world as the creativity of God. If you find any query, please inform us by commenting, we update those as soon as possible.

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